Customize for your Company

Every company is different. ExpertOffice is built to adapt to your business needs, not the other way around. With full control over topic categories and user permissions, you can customize the experience to best fit your business.


Designed for Personalization and Simplicity

Our clean and simple design makes it easy for to get your ExpertOffice site running quickly. Just upload your organization’s logo and you’re ready to go.


Define Your Topics

ExpertOffice organizes your company information in a folder system by topic. With hierarchical organization and advanced settings for permissions, you can set up your topics to best match your business.


Manage Users

Robust administration tools will allow your ExpertOffice administrator to invite, edit permissions and deactivate users from one central dashboard.


Advanced Permission Settings

ExpertOffice permission settings will help you create a site to match your corporate culture, from a more transparent, wiki-style information exchange to a more managed environment with content moderators.

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