Simple, Proven Q&A

ExpertOffice leverages our most basic human knowledge-gathering tool: ask a question, get an answer. So simple, in fact, that your employees may actually use it.


Ask a Question

Questions capture the tribal knowledge that is exchanged on an everyday basis. ExpertOffice stores this interaction so that your company’s knowledge is searchable and easily referenced by others.


Clearly-Defined Solutions

ExpertOffice Q&A is much more than a discussion forum or a social thread. Solutions are clearly highlighted, making it easy for others to find the best answer to the question.

When a user provides a good solution, they are rewarded with points.


Optimized for Answers

Unlike other platforms, ExpertOffice is Q&A first, not an afterthought feature. From the question lists to advanced search, every step is optimized to find an answer and make it easier for future users to access solutions.

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